My Charcoal capsules - Ana C. on Feb 01, 2018

Absolutely amazing, Really helped with my IBS and my digestive sister (sic) in general.

Best you can buy! - Katie jessop on 24 January 2018

Did a lot of research before purchasing this product..Delighted with my purchase, best c60 on the market!

Five Stars - Tony Schaurer on 29 November 2017

A sensible effective form of c60, noticiple results.

ONE HAPPY MAN. Vaughn Thomas - on Nov 19, 2017

Very happy with toxin busters. notice change within three days. started getting compliments about two weeks later about how good My skin was looking. My body feels like a fine machine now. I will be using toxin busters for life!! thanks for the new Lease on Life!!!!

Great product - Roger on May 05, 2017

Because I know that charcoal has several benefits, I've tried a few charcoal products in the past. The problem is that, taken regularly, constipation was an issue with all of them. But this isn't an issue with Toxin Buster. I've been taking two to four capsules a day for a few weeks now and have felt the benefits with no adverse effects at all. A great product!

Works - Ann Earl on 30 March 2017

Sorted out my bloating and excessive flatulence. Took for just a month and things ok now. Would use again if needed.

Pure and Simple - Allyson B. on Nov 15, 2016

We have found Toxin Buster to be a simple yet highly effective cleanser. While undergoing a Contact Reflex Analysis session the therapist was astounded at the positive effect Toxin Buster was having on our system. She remarked "WOW, your body LOVES this.!!!"

V V Good - Richard B.on 10 October 2016

Great product I think it works I take it with other supplements but what can I say I think it works quite well. I definitely noticed less toxins floating around although I change the protocol from instructions and I have it first thing in the morning I take probiotics at night instead. It makes more sense in your body is going to talk to find over the night do you want to bind everything in the morning that's my theory anyway.

Thoroughly recommended! - Sally Bromwich on Nov 07, 2014

I find Toxin Busters certainly help my well being and are a great natural product to take on a daily basis for better health and a really good detox - I thoroughly recommend this product.

Excellent detox aid and bowel regulator - Michael on Aug 07, 2014

I have benefitted greatly from regular use of Toxin Buster over the last 9 months. It has helped me overcome past frequent problems with alternating IBS and constipation, and I find it very useful in protecting against hangovers. I have tried various other brands of 'activated' charcoal in the past, but find Toxin Buster to be more effective and/or better value for money than any alternatives.

Feeling good - Lucy on Jul 23, 2014

I have been taking these charcoal Toxin Busters for a month now and I am starting to feel the benefits! I would really recommend trying them.

Charlotte Moore 09 June 2011 10:06

"My Crohn’s Disease was finally diagnosed two years ago, by which time I had lost more than two stones in weight, my BMI was 15.7, I was severely anaemic and had to have part of my bowel removed.

Following the operation I was still very restricted in what I could eat – my dietician still advised a low residue diet and I was unable to eat hardly any fibre or fibrous fruit, vegetables, nuts, pulses or grains. Every time I tried to slightly increase my fibre intake I felt extremely ill and had diarrhoea.

Thankfully a friend introduced me to the makers of TOXIN BUSTER and within two weeks of taking it I felt like a different person. I was able to change my diet back to eating what I wanted, I had my first nut roast at Christmas for 2 years and I am able to go out and eat easily at friend’s houses and in restaurants - choosing the healthier foods I enjoy eating as a vegetarian.

I have also felt more energetic, able to cope with stress and generally much brighter and I am confident that this is due to having a more robust constitution and also to the holistic element of the supplement. I have also been able to discuss my progress with the makers of TOXIN BUSTER, and they have offered advice, support and been extremely caring and kind.

I have recommended it to friends and family and I would recommend it to anyone who has difficulty in this area. It has made an unbelievable difference to my life and my health."

Rachel Graham 10 February 2012 10:18

"For the past eight years I have been suffering from extreme abdominal bloating and fatigue. Diagnosed as IBS by my GP – with no investigation beyond one conversation with me – my symptoms have affected my life considerably, to the point where I was beginning to despair. Being advised to avoid the foods that trigger it, and to 'stop being stressed' wasn't really much help! I do know which foods make it worse and of course I avoid them when possible, and being told to avoid stress wasn't helpful or realistic either. The traditionally recommended anti-spasmodic remedies of peppermint oil or Buscopan-type medicines were of very limited benefit to me.

I met Dr Foster at a poultry show, and e started telling me about the benefits of TOXIN BUSTER charcoal to chickens. I had an epiphany and interrupted him. "Would it be any good for my IBS?" I asked. I knew the answer before he even opened his mouth and advised me to try it. I haven't looked back since. Should I have eaten something that triggers an incident,

three charcoal capsules taken before bed will completely deflate any bloating and allow me to have a good night's sleep. I am less tired, therefore less stressed and feel like a completely different person. I take them prophylactically too; if I know I'll be in a situation where I won't be able to avoid eating something 'bad', I take a couple of capsules an hour or so beforehand, with excellent results.

I cannot recommend this product highly enough if you suffer from symptoms similar to mine. Of course, always see your GP to rule out anything else first, but if you have IBS, SIBO or similar, I believe you will find that TOXIN BUSTER charcoal makes an enormous difference to your symptoms."

Debbie Wildi 23 November 2012 17:48

"The charcoal tablets have completely changed my way of being. My IBS would ruin my life, but since i have been taking the tablets my tummy problems are non existent. I've tried so many products over the years and need look no more. They help instantly if i have a bad stomach, and my toilet habits are finally normal."

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