C60 Fullerene

A non-medicinal supplement which can help you live a healthier, longer life!

Toxin Buster™ charcoal is a Fullerene, so called because of the geodesic form of its molecular structure. It is the most bio-compatible form of charcoal, being the basic carbon molecule on which all life is based.

Made active in our specially developed process, it is transduced into a yet more highly bio-compatible form which has selective and very beneficial adsorption properties.

1. Diabetes. By adsorbing glucose from the lower intestine Toxin Buster™ charcoal can help manage diabetes.

2. Anti-ageing. By adsorbing toxins from your system, Toxin Buster™ charcoal can help reduce the load on your immune system and thus slow down the ageing process. More...

3. Acid reflux. By adsorbing excess acid from your stomach, C60 can help reduce acid reflux.

4. Irritable Bowel Syndrome. By transporting more oxygen into your system and thus helping to balance the pH, Toxin Buster™ charcoal can reduce the incidence of irritable bowel syndrome.

5. Gas discomfort. By adsorbing methane and CO2 in your bowels, Toxin Buster™ charcoal can help reduce wind pain and gas.

6. Reduces the effects of hangovers. By adsorbing the fractional distillates often present in alcoholic drinks, Toxin Buster™ charcoal can help reduce the effects of these toxins on your system and thereby reduce the effects of a hangover.

7. Reduces Joint Pain. By adsorbing excess lactic acid from your bloodstream and adding extra oxygen,Toxin Buster™ charcoal can help your joints and muscles ache less during and after exercise.

8. Improves digestion. By settling your stomach and reducing excess acid, Toxin Buster™ charcoal can dramatically improve your digestion.

9. Improves breath. By improving your digestion and taking excess methane etc. out of your system, Toxin Buster™ charcoal can improve your breath.

10. Improves complexion. By lightening the toxic load caused by food additives, E. Nos. excess salt and sugar in your diet, your liver and kidneys, Toxin Buster™ charcoal can help improve your complexion.

11. Food poisoning. By adsorbing poisons from your digestive tract, Toxin Buster™ charcoal can help overcome food poisoning and help many food allergies.

12. Reduces diarrhoea. By transiting the digestive tract more slowly than food and by adsorbing many times its own weight in toxic compounds, Toxin Buster™ charcoal can help manage diarrhoea. (Taken in excessive quantities, i.e. more than 5 capsules in 24 hours, Toxin Buster™ charcoal can cause mild constipation. This can be cured by drinking more water).

13. Gastric ulcers. By adsorbing excess acid from your system, Toxin Buster™ charcoal can help manage gastric ulcers which are usually caused by excess acid penetrating the gut wall.

14. Depression. Where depression has a biological basis Toxin Buster™ charcoal can often help lift an attack.

15. Drug overdose. In cases of accidental drug overdose, Toxin Buster™ charcoal can help remove these agents from your bloodstream quite rapidly and for up to 24 hours after the overdose.

16. Poultice. Removed from the capsule and wrapped in a damp cloth, Toxin Buster™ charcoal provides an excellent poultice for wounds, burns and infected sores. It is the only thing we know of that will halt gangrene in open wounds.

17. Poisons. Placed over an affected or challenged organ or limb, a poultice of Toxin Buster™ charcoal can often draw the poisons out, helping to restore normal function.

18. Purifying water. By emptying the Toxin Buster™ capsule into a jug of grey water and stirring it in, you can remove many toxins. Leave it standing for one hour before drinking.

19. Teeth whitening. Used as a tooth powder, Toxin Buster™ charcoal is probably the best whitener there is. It also makes for a very healthy mouth by adsorbing any toxins present as well as unwelcome bacteria. More...

20. Reduces the after-effects of chemotherapy. If you’re receiving chemotherapy, Toxin Buster™ charcoal can help reduce the after-effects by helping remove these complex toxins from your system.

21. Reduces cholesterol. Toxin Buster™ charcoal reduces cholesterol adsorbing it from the lower intestine, thus reducing the need to take statin drugs which have been found to have dangerous side-effects (i.e. they block the body’s production of vital Co-Q10s). More...

22. Adsorbs toxins. You cannot overdose on Toxin Buster™ charcoal. It is chemically inert and doesn’t take part in any reactions in the body. It simply and very effectively, adsorbs most toxins and anaerobic bacteria, effectively removing these from the body. More...

23. As an Antibiotic. Research in the 1930s, before the advent of antibiotics, clearly demonstrated that high-quality hardwood charcoal is capable of arresting the spread of foot and mouth disease in bovines. This has not become widely known because shortly after that adequate vaccines were introduced by the pharmaceutical industry and have subsequently proved most effective.

24. Viruses and Bacteria. To this date, it’s widely known in research circles that charcoal inactivates virus and bacteria thus acting as a general prophylactic.

25. Food additives. Charcoal is a natural part of the human food chain. It has no medicinal qualities of itself being purely an adsorbent material which does not take part in nor catalyse any chemical reaction.

26. As a Prophylactic. The use of TOXIN BUSTER™ charcoal is highly recommended for taking as a daily prophylactic and forms the basis of a healthy diet which, by balancing the pH of the digestive system, goes a long way towards combating obesity.

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