Cholesterol is an essential nutrient yet the body produces more than it requires and so doesn’t need to be supplemented with extra cholesterol from the diet. With most Westerners taking in too much dietary cholesterol, charcoal has a valuable role to play:-

Charcoal lowers the concentration of total lipids, cholesterol, and tri-glycerides in the blood serum, liver, heart and brain. In one study reported in 1986 in the Lancet, 2 tablespoons of active charcoal taken three times a day for four weeks lowered total cholesterol 25%, lowered LDL cholesterol 41% and doubled their HDL/LDL (high density lipoprotein/low density lipoprotein) cholesterol ratio.

Microscopic tissue examination shows that a daily dose of active charcoal may prevent many cellular changes associated with ageing – including decreased protein synthesis, lower RNA activity, organ fibrosis, as well as sclerotic changes in the heart and coronary blood vessels.

It can be safely said that as an anti-ageing adjunct to total health, the above cumulative effects of TOXIN BUSTER™ upon one’s blood chemistry may add up to a longer life and improved overall health.

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