1. How do I take TOXIN BUSTER™?

3-4 capsules at bedtime with a 500ml glass of water.

2. What are the optimum times for taking TOXIN BUSTER™?

The guide is really just at bedtime, as the body is relaxed and so the digestive system can process the charcoal more efficiently, particularly if your most recent meal has been digested. An empty stomach allows the charcoal to move through the system unhindered, and allows the charcoal to draw the toxins out of the body. Some people however like to take TOXIN BUSTER™ with a biscuit.

3. How much charcoal will a complete treatment consume?

Everybody is different, but most people notice benefits within a few days of taking TOXIN BUSTER™. As the benefits are so wide-ranging, many people like to continue taking TOXIN BUSTER™ as a prophylactic, and as part of a healthy diet, and to support their immune system with regular doses of TOXIN BUSTER™, even if the initial reason for taking the charcoal has resolved.

4. Does it have any known side effects?

As with many natural approaches to healthcare, a healing reaction (or Herxheimer reaction) can sometimes occur, whereby existing symptoms can seem worse before they start to improve. Although in some cases this can seem difficult or embarrassing to deal with, it is a good sign that the charcoal is working, and many people soon find improvement, and symptoms eradicate.

If you find you are experiencing any adverse symptoms from taking TOXIN BUSTER™, please let us know.

5. Are there any known drug interactions with TOXIN BUSTERTM?


6. Who is TOXIN BUSTER™ NOT suitable for?

TOXIN BUSTER™ is suitable for anyone.

7. I am pregnant. Can I take TOXIN BUSTER™?

TOXIN BUSTER™ is safe to take during pregnancy and whilst breastfeeding. Unlike 'activated' chacoal, TOXIN BUSTER C60 charcoal does not absorb good things essential to mother and baby such as proteins, minerals and vitamins, it only adsorbs the toxins, which may be why many women crave charcoal during pregnancy - as with animals in the wild these women instinctively know they need to clean up their systems to be optimally healthy for growing a new baby.


1.How do you ship, how long does it take, and how much do you charge?

All orders are normally processed and mailed within 2 working days of receipt.

Normal Service:

1 - 2 months supply (up to 200 capsules):

UK: Regular Royal Mail 2nd class service 1 - 2 working days.

US & Rest of the World: Royal Mail Airmail, 4 - 10 working days.

3 months' supply or more 300+ capsules:

These packages will need a signature on receipt and will be trackable through the Royal Mail website.

UK: Registered (signed for) - first class - 1 - 2 working days.

USA & ROW: Royal Mail Airsure service - 4 - 10 working days.

We ask all UK customers to allow up to two weeks for delivery. We ask all overseas customers to allow up to four weeks for delivery.

2. Can I give you my credit card details by email, snail mail or by telephone and order that way?

Yes, if you call us between 9.30 GMT and 17.30 GMT Monday - Friday on +44 (0)1865 355515

To send your order by snail mail, please include the following information on your order:

Your daytime contact telephone number and your email address

Your name as it appears on your card

The address your card is registered to

Your card number in full

Your issue date

Your Expiry date

Security code (last three digits on the signature strip of your card)

To place orders outside this time, please use the Not the Norm Ltd website.

Sending your details by email is not safe as emails can be intercepted by hackers, so this is not a recommended method

3. Can I order by Credit or Debit card online?

Yes you can. Simply go to our Not the Norm Ltd Buy page and fill in the form. Our online purchasing facility is supplied by PayPal. You do not need a PayPal account to pay using PayPal. You can pay with your card by mail also, see question 2 above. We will process your order within 48 working hours of receipt. Alternatively you can call us and we can take your payment over the phone. Please see the contact details on our Not the Norm Ltd Buy page.

We currently accept payments in Pounds Sterling (£) Euros (€) and US Dollars (US$)

4. How do I check up on the progress of my order?

If your order has been sent using a tracked service, we'll tell you the tracking number when we ship your order. You will then be able to track the progress of your package from the comfornt of your own home. If your order is not tracked, please contact us through our Not the Norm Ltd website only if 4 weeks have passed and your order has still not arrived. Only then can we take action if your order has not materialised.

Resellers Wanted

1. How do I become a TOXIN BUSTERTM reseller? Do you have wholesale prices?

If you are a retailer and would like to order TOXIN BUSTER™ at wholesale, please email us with your enquiry. Please state how you heard about TOXIN BUSTER™ and what, if any, experience you have of it.

2. If I become a reseller, what support can I expect from you?

We are here for you to answer questions and supply you with information most working days. Any emails you send us will be responded to by the next working day. We will always be happy to support you in any way we can.

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